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Today's Homeowner Podcast

Dec 18, 2021

Banana plants thrive in tropical climates, developing long leaves and reaching full size in just a few weeks, according to Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension.  

These plants — often called trees — are actually herbs that grow from a succulent, not wood, stem, according to PBS News Hour. Their luxurious appearance enhances any patio or swimming pool, making them popular with homeowners.

“We have an in-ground pool in our backyard where we have lived for 30 years,” David, a North Carolina resident, says. “I planted banana trees that are hearty in cold weather and really enjoy them; one even bloomed and had little bananas.”

However, his banana plants are just 7 feet from the pool and he wonders if these picturesque plants pose a hidden threat.

Listen to the full segment on the Today’s Homeowner Podcast.

In this episode, we also cover these topics:

  • Whether to install gutters on a house with a metal roof.
  • Whether you should wire a ceiling fan to a light switch or hire a pro